Wisconsin is more than just America’s Dairyland, it is rich in unique experiences and attractions that you are must-sees. Whether you’re on vacation or are looking for something to do around your state, Wisconsin always has something to offer for any age group. Put on your shoes and let’s head out to explore four oddball hidden gems throughout Wisconsin.

F.A.S.T. Fiberglass Graveyard

Located in Sparta, F.A.S.T. Fiberglass Graveyard has hundreds of fiberglass molds laid out for the public. The graveyard is laid out in a grassy field, visitors will be in awe looking at large animals, food items, people, and so much more towering above them. There is something for everyone that comes to enjoy.

Now, the graveyard is an enter at your own risk. When visitors arrive, there is a large, white sign that states to take caution and avoid touching or climbing to prevent accidents. However, this doesn’t stop people of all age groups from coming to see the large molds. The best advice is to wear tennis shoes in case of mud and to take plenty of pictures posing next to your favorite molds.

Moccasin Bar

On the outside, the Moccasin Bar looks like your average street corner bar but, don’t let it looks deceive you. Once you step inside, this bar is truly like no others. The Moccasin Bar is located in Hayward and is truly unique with taxidermied animals covering the walls. Not just regular taxidermied animals dressed and posed taxidermied animals. Yes, you heard that right. Have you ever seen a wolf who is dressed like a judge leading a trial? Probably, not.

If you ever plan a trip to Hayward, make sure to stop to grab a bite to eat at the Moccasin bar, and enjoy the truly unique experience it has to offer.

 History Museum at the Castle

This magical museum is located in Appleton, Wisconsin. What was formerly a Masonic Temple, is now a large museum that houses the Fox Valley historical collections but- that’s not all. One of the most popular exhibits is the AKA Houdini exhibit which has original Houdini paraphernalia.

Although Houdini moved to Appleton from Budapest, Hungary, he often referred to Appleton as his home. So, obviously, Appleton had to have something to remember the famous Houdini by.

Chatty Belle the Talking Cow

In Neillsville, Wisconsin stands a cow that is 16 feet high at the shoulders and 20 feet long. Her name is Chatty Belle. In order for Chatty to talk you need to feed her a quarter and she will tell you about her history and about the Wisconsin Pavilion.

Chatty Belle used to have a son named Bullet that stood beside her but, Bullet was broken and later taken down. Regardless, Chatty Belle is still a fun attraction to visit because you’ll probably never see such a large talking cow anywhere else.

This is nowhere near the end of the list of possibilities that Wisconsin has to offer. There is so much to explore in this state that will keep you interested for years. Wisconsin is truly a wonderful place to travel or live.